About Us

Farm- Located near Wadesboro in beautiful Anson County Rockraven Farms currently specializes in raising cattle and hogs on a sustainable grass-based system. We refer to it as grazing. We do not use antibiotics or hormones like the many confined animal facilities do.  Our livestock are out under the stars and are much healthier and do not require the use of antibiotics or hormones. We are currently supplementing the grass with livestock feed as needed to ensure their health and productivity.

Beef- Our current beef is "dairy beef" from our dairy herd of Jersey cattle. It is a lean beef that is well marbled and delicious. We are able to supply most cuts.  Our steaks, ground beef, and our all beef hot dogs are customer favorites.

Pork- Our pork comes also comes from hogs kept outside under the stars.  They forage for themselves, are fed milk from the dairy herd, and are supplemented as necessary.  The pork is lean and delicious. Our bacon, country sausages, kielbasa, chops, and Boston Butts are hot sellers to our repeat customers. We also carry Rayfield's bacon and other products by special request to add to our selection.

Processing- To legally sell to the public our animals are taken to a USDA inspected Animal Welfare Act approved facility for harvesting and processing. This is not only humane but it improves the quality of the food on your table. We are a licensed North Carolina Meat Handlers which enables us to sell to the public nationwide.

We look forward to improving and expanding our lines of food each day for your health and enjoyment.

To avoid disappointment we recommend you order in advance to ensure we have your favorites reserved and on hand for your enjoyment. We are working to keep up with the demand.

Slow Grown---Slow Cured---Slow Good

We will post added lines of food as they become available.

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    Rockraven Farms