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Natural products for lovers of healthy food


purveyors of farm-fresh meats, grown and fed the natural way, right here in North Carolina.


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Rockraven Farms is a natural sustainable farming operation the produces the healthy gourmet-quality food your body was designed to eat. We combine true human health-based science with livestock production practices.

We produce healthy beef, pork, lamb, goat, and poultry foods. No chemicals. No preservatives.

Select your food from biology class and avoid everything from chemistry class for a high quality of life and good health.

You are what you eat and what you eat is what they ate. Therefore we avoid GMOs, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers.

We use natural processes to build the soil’s natural microbiome. Healthy soil grows healthy vegetation feeds healthy livestock.

Farmers Market Info

We meet our clients at Farmers Markets, please choose the closest market to you, order online, and pick up at the market so you assure quantity and availability of your choice.

Charlotte Farmers Market

Every Saturday

8am – 4pm

Charlotte, NC

Rockraven Farms is owned by Brian and Jeoung Johnson of Morven, NC.

Brian is a former member of the 82d Airborne and a number of Special Operations Units at Ft Bragg, NC.

Brian is a disabled decorated combat veteran who has regained his health through healthy diets of animal protein and fat. The protein and fat we produce at Rockraven Farms.

The knowledge of the human side of the equation of health came from Dr. Arron Ernst in Charlotte, NC.

The knowledge on the production side comes from Brian’s Animal Science education at the University of Minnesota, Internet searches, and intense observation of his own practices.

We feature beef steaks, roasts, and ground beef and have every cut available. Pork offerings include bacon, country sausage, pork chops, Boston butts, garlic bratwurst, and kielbasa.

We have lamb chops, leg of lamb, ground lamb, and more. All goat cuts are available. We have whole chickens and cut-up chicken.

No turkey this year.

We also have Amish butter and cheeses. Order ahead to ensure availability and have your order reserved.


Our premium beef offers the most tender and flavorful eating experience. Our beef doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.


The organic pasture-raised pork that we have available is a favorite of our customers


All our animals are pasture-raised. They graze freely their entire lives and mature on a natural growth schedule


Our goat meat is from young, free-ranging New Zealand Kiko meat goats raised on Certified Organic pasture without medications, GMO’s, growth hormones or treatments of any kind. 



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